Keijo!!!!!!!!: Ridiculous Script & Presentation

Keijo (no I am not going to put 8 exclamation marks) was at the same time, a lot different from what I expected and not a lot different from what I expected. I expected that the fanservice would be pretty flat and blatant and it was, but it was not in any way erotic. Then again, I am not into ecchi anime ass I have not seen the popular ones (Highschool DXD and To Love Ru) so I am not sure whether they are meant to be erotic. This anime surprisingly takes itself seriously and thanks to that we get some awesome and lung-bursting ridiculous dialogue.

SYNOPSIS: Keijo is a gambling sport where girls stand on a ‘land’ (floating land in a pool) and attack each other only with their breasts and butts until one of them fall on the land or into the pool. Kaminashi Nozomi, apparently a decent gymnast, has a poor family and she decides to join a Keijo training school and step into the world of this  intensely ridiculous sport. Or ridiculously intense sport- whatever you’re into, man.

PLOT & NARRATIVE: Keijo has pretty formulaic story structure for a sports anime. Kaminashi starts out as the underdog and then she trains and trains and pushes up the ranks. The way the story was told helped with character development and explaining the ridiculous technicalities.

For the first time in my reviews, allow me to bring up a dialogue section…

DIALOGUE: Man, the script is ingeniously tailored for memes. I mean, I have never seen such intentionally ridiculous script writing in any anime I have seen so far. I am amazed at how the voice actresses kept a straight face (or voice) saying those lines! Cracks me up every single time. Here’s a lackluster compilation of such dialogue:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are also ridiculous ‘battle’ poses in a totally unerotic way. The fact that the characters never blush flashing their B&Bs make the whole thing ridiculous and dumb instead of awkwardly erotic or worse, disgustingly erotic.

ART & ANIMATION: The art style of Keijo is really eye-catching and interesting use of vibrant colors both in character design and decent lighting backgrounds. But in the skeleton of the art, it is nothing exceptional and pretty basic. The colors change the whole bal- sorry, ass game.screenshot-613

The animation of Keijo, again, is basic at its core, but the use of vibrant colors and lighting make it impressive to look at. The animation style fits this show perfectly.



Here’s another animation clip: Butt Vacuum Canon  Uploaded by: Jarmel from Sakugabooru

CHARACTERS: Now, I get to the criticism. The characters are not well written. The only characters that have okay character development are Sayaka, Nozomi and Maya. The rest have their gimmicks, but really lazily developed and written. Then again, the character interactions are pretty funny. I wonder why comedy isn’t a genre. MAL has it under shounen. Wow, seriously?

SOUND: I don’t know, the sound effects when butts collide… why do they sound like explosions? On that bombshell, let’s move on to the opening, which has good pieces of animation footage and a catchy opening. The ending encapsulates the roommates character chemistry more than the actual show, good song by the CVs.

CONCLUSION: Keijo is a meme encyclopedia. The show never got tired of its ridiculous dialogue and character interaction. I loved how every character were so into the sport, I don’t care whether they take it seriously or not. I don’t, and probably never will, take this show seriously. I get how this show is sports ecchi anime, but it has been more of a comedy for me. I really liked this show. Now, before you say:screenshot-702 I recommend watching this only if you are immune to unerotic, surprisingly soft, fan service.

-ly hilarious

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