Comical Psychosomatic Medicine: A Lazy Comedy?

Synopsis: Psychologist Ryou (straight man) and nurse Asuna (the perverted joker) talk about psychological disorders (well most of the time). More new perverted characters are introduced later on in the show. There are twenty episodes with each episode is five minutes long.

This anime doesn’t ever take itself seriously – even though it is supposedly an educational anime. The last educational anime I watched was Moyashimon, and even that had some seriousness to it when explaining stuff. Every time the doctor tries explain something the nurse just interrupts him with a quick sex joke, and then the doctor, being the straight man, calls it out; and rinse and repeat. Content-wise, this show generally fails to be an informative show about psychosomatic disorders (with fleeting moments of actual discussion). Or what was it even trying to be one?

Screenshot (964).png

Yeah, the comedic style is a one-trick pony. The gags get really predictable half-way through the show. The duo comedy is admittedly funny in the  first episodes, but then it gets dry. The introduction of the nurse’s sister into the squad didn’t help either- because she was really an Asuna version 2. The show doesn’t try new styles of comedy, but they do try to make new jokes using the same duo-comedic-style.

So, what we get is an anime snoring on a single branch of comedy. Sure, one can argue that’s what most anime do. Even Gintama has that type of talk and interrupt comedy; but the differentiation is that they do so much more- like slapstick comedy and other types of visual gags- and again, that is why I will argue that this short doesn’t have good comedy.  But overall, the comedy isn’t bad while monotonous to its previous gags.

The production values  this show is pretty substandard. Even the character designs are plain boring to look at (just adding blush spots doesn’t make a character cuter!). The animation sometimes skips frames and doesn’t flow well: it is barely passable.

Would I recommend this anime? Not really. Don’t get me wrong: it is not absolutely horrible- it is just a dry comedy, that loses it effectiveness over time. This is definitely watchable and probably, just probably, enjoyable: If you like some dry toast with your milk tea.


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