Anilog #8: 5th Week of Winter 2017 (Thursday Post)

This is the first post from the 5th Week of Winter 2017. The anime ‘covered’ in this post are: Gintama, Little Witch Academia, Gabriel Dropout, ACCA, Konosuba, Akiba’s Trip and Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Gintama. (Episode 4) Justification of Katsura’s cowardice and the battle between Sakamoto vs. Zaku begins.

Screenshot (1152).png

What happens in this episode: Katsura and the white monkey face off in a very traditional fight sequence. Then again, Gintama’s fights are rarely about extravagant Sakuga; the dialogue and tension through the soundtrack are essential components in most of the fights and this was no different. Katsura grows into a more fleshed out character in this episode: his ideology that the general has to be the greatest coward in the battlefield is beautifully presented. The episode ends with a robot infiltrating Sakamoto’s fleet and controlling the soldiers through some kind of nano-device.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this episode- this episode was very Gintama- it reminded me of why I loved this series- this anime has the perfect and one of the most beautiful executions of tonal shifts from comedy to sentimental dialogue to comedy (again) to serious action. I am glad that I finally got to know why Katsura is known as the ‘Runaway Kotaro’. I can’t wait for the fight between Zaku and Sakamoto.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 4) The Fangirl in Lotte; an episode which isn’t about Akko

Screenshot (1153).png

What happens in this episode: Lotte, as it turns out, is a huge fan of the 364 volume long adventure series- night fall. She looks forward to the 365th volume release event that would take place the next day because Annabel, the author, would do a face reveal. Unfortunately, Akko gets the trio into trouble again because she ate expensive tart from the kitchen; they get put under detention and so potentially deprives Lotte of her chance to meet with Annabel. But Akko has creates an escape plan and they execute it without any  problems. It turns out that Annabel gathered her fans to choose her successor and Lotte gets selected.

My thoughts: I think it is great that the show shifted its focus from Akko and Shiny Chariot to a member of the trio this early in the show. This episode was nicely paced but I cannot say that Lotte got a lot of character development even though the anime focused on her dilemma when she was chosen as the next writer of ‘night fall’. Then again, I would agree that the anime showed us that Lotte is more charismatic as a character than I thought she would be in this episode.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 4) Summer vacation in an episode: Going to the beach and a flashback

Screenshot (1137).png

What happens in this episode: Gabriel and co. (with Gabriel being very unenthusiastic) go to the beach. They build sandcastles, show off their swimsuits and get into the water. The anime then skips over the rest of the summer vacation and the second half of the episode seemed to focus on the typical doing-homework-on-the-last-minute-dilemma; but, actually, it ends up Vigne sharing her memory of her first meeting with Gabriel.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this episode- as usual- this show had good gags. Nothing special about the swimsuit designs and the rest of the episode wasn’t anything innovative (not that I expected anything else). But the constant ‘what a demon!’ joke is getting annoyingly underwhelming for me.

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Department (Episode 4) Coup in Suitsu District

Screenshot (1141).png

What happens in this episode: Jean goes to Suitsu district and almost immediately gets involved with the coup (through a misunderstanding) for overthrowing Congressman Buerre- it turns out that the officer who kept him company, Warbler, is a participant of the rebellion, too. Apparently, this wasn’t the nationwide coup that the chiefs ACCA speculated but rather a local one for independence. Jean decides to hide this information and does not include it in his audit.

My thoughts: I think the narrative layout in this episode wasn’t as mysterious and ‘set-up-like’ like the previous episode. This episode had a stronger narrative thrust and showed us a greater chunk of the episode in Jean’s perspective- and I still don’t think Jean is the mastermind behind a nationwide coup (if there would be any), if not, I would still give this show brownie points for being so deceptive.

Konosuba S2 (Episode 4) Darkness is Back! And you know what that means…

Screenshot (1150).png
Shomefing Cwazy! (No she didn’t say that line in this shot)

What happens in this episode: Konosuba’s ecchi-meter just went off the scale (or off the rails) this episode. Darkness, the blond masochist, rejoins with Kazuma and co. and asks them for help: she will be having an arranged marriage but she  wants to continue adventuring with them. But Kazuma isn’t on her side, he sets up a plan to get rid of her from the team. Later on, Darkness tries to argue that Prince Charming isn’t her type and states indirectly that she would rather have Kazuma. Perverse conversation and fan service ensues.

My thoughts: Uh… not a strong episode. There were definitely good gags and a few ‘good’ moments of er…  fan-service; but overall, the whole marriage affair was proven to be just a waste of time and the episode repeated a lot of similar jokes. I get it, Darkness doesn’t like good guys. You don’t have to stretch that joke to a whole episode and mix in some repeated blush and fluster from Darkness. I don’t get that officer lady, why is she looking for Kazuma again?

Akiba’s Trip (Episode 5) I don’t know why I am still watching this show.

Screenshot (1156).png

What happens in this episode: Tamotsu is now into Street Fighter and participates in the World Tournament to save his presumably kidnapped sister from a Bugged One who is the nest Street Fighter-gamer in the world.

My thoughts: I liked the fight and the exchange of dialogue- it was just the right amount of over-the-top to be funny. The rest of the episode is just the same old crap- Moi-girl cos playing someone new (couldn’t care less), his sister wasn’t kidnapped at all, Moi-girl talking at an annoying pitch and Matome is completely forgotten as a main character.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 4) Kanna in School and a dodge ball match between dragons

Screenshot (1143).png

What happens in this episode: Kanna wants to go to school, so Kobayashi and Tooru take her to shop for stationery. Funny things happen and Tooru and Kanna again chat about what attracts them to the human world. Kanna makes a new, tsundere friend with a shiny forehead at her school, Saiwaka, and they challenge teenage boys (or adults?) at the park. The dragons team up and beat them and then they play against each other.Wonder how that turned out.

My thoughts: Dragon Maid is the best SoL airing this season, Interviews with Monster Girls isn’t as much of a strong contender now. Kanna is a adorable and a wonderful being with a wonderful personality (yes, she actually has a personality- a trait that is absent in ‘moe’ girls in most ‘moe’ anime). Although this episode didn’t treat us as much Sakuga as it did in previous episodes- I still enjoyed the little it did in the dodge ball match. There isn’t one character I dislike in this anime so far- and I think that is a good thing.

That’s all for today. I will comment on the rest of the episodes from this week in the Sunday Post (5th February, 2017). Thank you for reading.


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