Anilog #17: 10th Week of Winter 2017 (Friday Post)

This week, so far: Gintama brings an end to the fight between Umibozu and Utsuro and Kamui’s personality back ground is revealed in a clean flashback. Gabriel Dropout dropped their Christmas and New Year’s episode and Little Witch Academia told a sweet story of a father’s regrets and a daughter’s sentiment. ACCA is now in its climactic portion of the narrative and things are looking surprisingly non-chaotic and exciting at the same time. Konosuba has lost some of its unpredictability and fast paced comedy this week. Finally, Dragon Maid showed wonderful character dynamics between Kanna and Kobayashi.

Gintama. (Episode 9)

Screenshot (1591).png

What happens in this episode: Umibouzu’s backstory transitions into Kamui’s backstory. The first half of the episode tells the story of Kamui trying to understand what’s wrong with his mother and when he learns that his father is responsible for Kouka’s health condition. Teen angst takes over him and he attacks his father. In the latter half, Kagura and Kamui continue with their sibling spur and Umibozu’s fight with Utsuro comes to an end with Umibozu losing both of his arms. Gintoki interrupts the familial fighting at the end of the episode.

My thoughts: The staff of Gintama are now thinking about extending the season beyond 12 episodes (though they haven’t confirmed yet) and I think it is a good call because  I have no idea how this arc will be concluded. Kamui’s angsty behavior isn’t pleasing to watch but it does correlate with his personality. Utsuro’s disappearance from the scene didn’t make sense to me- I don’t understand why didn’t he proceed to end the life of Umibozu immediately. I am glad that Gintoki still has a whimsical dialogue to voice in a tensed up episode like this. Overall, this was another neatly written dramatic flashback episode.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 9)

Screenshot (1532).png

What happens in this episode: This is the Christmas and New Year’s episode. Vigne hosts a Christmas party and Satania, being a devil, hates celebrating the birth of Jesus. Vigne finally exhibits her dark aura when she gets mad at Satania. The second half of the episode features more ‘Heaven and Hell’ jokes with a New-Year’s-visiting-the-shrine setting. The episode ends with Gabriel trying to smuggle video games into Heaven and failing hilariously.

My thoughts: Just when I thought that Satania was starting to be treated with a bit more respect- this episode made me feel even more sorry for her. Raphiel wasn’t as forward with her bullying this week, either. The trumpet jokes were getting a bit too stale in the second half, though. But the security check scene at the end of the episode made up for it- as always the jokes there had good timing.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 9)

Screenshot (1550).png

What happens in this episode: The students and teachers of Luna Nova are having an excursion of a nearby town; and of course, Akko, Sucy and Lotte get involved in a cray thing- reviving a pirate. It turns out that the pirate is out looking for the man who abandoned his daughter and his daughter happens to be the school principal. Again, it turns out that the man is himself and the episode ends on a sentimental note.

My thoughts: The pirate is such a wacky character and he really set up the pace of this episode- it didn’t seem stretched out at all but at the same time, not a lot of things were happening in the episode. It was also pretty weird that a predictable ending could successfully set up such a sentimental atmosphere.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department

Screenshot (1527).png

What happens in this episode: The royal family sends assassins to Lotta’s dwelling place but Rail gets a call from Magie who asks him to protect Lotta. Meanwhile, Jean is awkwardly trying to play the character of the rumored ‘coup sympathizer’ (that scene made me chuckle) and the five chiefs meet up to discuss the recent revelation regarding Jean’s relation to the royal family. Grossular takes the cat out of the bag and declares his plan for making Jean the king through a coup. But it turns out that Lilium is the main conspirator of the whole plan.

My thoughts: It is quite interesting that the tone of the episode isn’t as tense as I expected given that the anime is in its final episodes. But I liked the layered way the episode did its twists- it was very neat and enjoyable (even the chase for Lotta was non-chaotic). Other than that, I have nothing much to say for this week except that I didn’t see any of this coming and I am looking forward to net week.

Konosuba S2 (Episode 9)

Screenshot (1588).png

What happens in this episode: The gang finally step into the hot springs (except Aqua) and what followed was a somewhat funnily subversive take on the cliche of boys peeping on girls in the hot springs. Aqua is now seen as a devilish witch from the Devil King’s side and the inhabitants of the town are now showing hostility towards their visitors.

My thoughts: This was another funny episode but it wasn’t as fast paced and wacky as the last couple of episodes. Aqua reverts from being smug to whiny and it wasn’t really funny because it happened unexpectedly. This arc seems to be stretching out a bit too much, though.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 9)

Screenshot (1571).png

What happens in this episode: It is the sports day episode, and you know what that means: The adorable Kanna is the character focus of the episode. Kanna wants Kobayashi to attend her sports events but Kobayashi has work to do. Soon, Kobayashi learns of Kanna’s lack of a close family so she decides to be more maternal and attend the event. In the event itself, Kanna and Saikawa pair up for most of the sporting events and constant blush rushes are observed on Saikawa’s face.

My thoughts: The character interactions between Kobayashi and Kanna this episode is heartwarming to watch and Kobayashi again shows her empathy for the dragons and Kanna also tries to be understanding but then again, she’s a child. As for the sports day, it was enjoyable and the interactions between Kanna and Saikawa were adorable.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.


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