Anilog #19: 11th Week of Winter 2017 (Part 1)

Yeah, this is another bump in my schedule. Truth be told, I have yet to watch anime that aired this weekend (school related programs flooded the last couple of days). Thus, I labelled this part 1. So… the one-sentence summaries are due. Gintama closed its Kamui mini-arc with a touching sibling reunion scene; ACCA put down its cards (or did it?) for the final narrative checkpoint. Gabriel Dropout put out its best and freshest episodes from Heaven and Hell. Akko enchanted Andrew with the power of motivation once more. Dragon Maid put out a colorful play featuring Kanna the Cute as the ‘Match girl’.

Konosuba said its goodbyes (hopefully just for the time being; I wish they have another run next year or something) by just slapping the people who thought that Konosuba’s animation sucked (including me) by putting on quite a vibrant show in the final battle.

Gintama. (Episode 10)

Screenshot (1693).png

What happens in this episode: Gintoki draws parallels of Kamui’s character to himself and they cross swords. Kamui loses his mind soon enough and the clash turns into a cluster of attacks from Gintoki, Kagura, Abuto and even Shinpachi (… wait, my boy Shinpachi?). All’s not well still ends well because the sibling have a heartwarming reconciliation.

My thoughts: I am glad that the staff didn’t drag this fight out another episode because at one point in the episode- I was thinking to myself that this episode was a really good episode to shift locations. I was getting tired of the bland grey skies and sand rocks. I really liked the script in this episode. The dialogue flowed really well and distracted me from the repetitive battle movements (no, the fight choreography wasn’t impressive).

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Department (Episode 10)

Screenshot (1695).png

What happens in this episode: Jean visits another district for another audit- Pranetta. Being a poor district, he learns that the Pranetta doesn’t care about the coup since they have no resources to protect. Lotta learns the truth about Nino, but airs an indifferent stance on the issue. The episode ends with the revelation that the king will be politically inactive in the next few days due to health issues and ACCA is starting to plan their coup. Meanwhile, Jean leaves for his final audit- in the district of Furawu (district where Lilium is from?)

My thoughts: The first 15 minutes or so, had the usual ACCA tone- chilled and patient. Jean learned that not all districts are coup sympathizers. But the real narrative throttle was provided in the end where things were set up for the climax. But I assume the climax isn’t going to be as hype and grand as most anime make it out to be. Overall, this episode was a bit mellow compared to previous few episodes from the last quarter of this anime.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 10)

Screenshot (1666).png

What happens in this episode:  The fall-in love-love bee is in town, and you know what that means- some boy is going to fall in love with some girl. That boy happens to be Andrew Hanbridge. But first, context- Akko gets jealous when Diana and her friends are invited to Andrew’s party, so she buys a Cinderalla set with her friends and they set off. So, during his confrontation with Akko, he gets stung and falls in love. Akko motivates him to follow his dreams instead of just fulfilling his duty as an earl’s son… and Lotte scores first from the trio!

My thoughts: It is impressive how fresh Little Witch Academia remains integrating cliches in its narrative structure. Or maybe, I am just being the fanboy I am. Anyway, this was another good episode and Akko is continuing to be the motivational character of the season.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 10)


What happens in this episode: The devils and angels return to their respective homes. Gabriel might not seem like it, but she such an older sister! But her tired remarks prevents from guilt tripping me. It turns out that Satanichia’s parents are as dumb and delusional as her, but her brother is the tired straight man the family needs. Vignette returns come to find that her cute little pet monster has turned into a real one. We finally know who cultured Raphiel into the sadist she is- her masochistic butler. Gabriel and Raphiel falsely report on what they learnt and accomplished in their stay in the human world; and the episode ends with them receiving a call from Satania.

My thoughts: This has to be the freshest one in recent weeks and I liked this episode because of its much-more-refined balance between its character foci and the gags seemed more fresh because of the different setting. I never thought I would say this for a ‘cute girls’ show, but I am looking forward to the next episode hoping that it would take place in the celestial locations the girls are in. If not, whatever.

Konosuba S2 (Episode 10- Last episode)

Screenshot (1677).png
That’s quite a bad-ass expression you got there, Aqua.

What happens in this episode: Kazuma and co. fight their final battle against Hans (leader of Devil King Army). Quite a demonstration of sakuga. And yeah, that’s about it.

My thoughts: Anyone who says that Deen doesn’t know how to animate need to have some second thoughts after watching this episode- the animation was vibrant and on point. It also consolidates the point that the animation they usually have is a long running gag on the ‘issekai’ genre. Anyway, this was a good episode and had that regular Kazuma-conclusion: ‘Hey, we are having some wacky, good fun times in this fantasy world and God bless you!’

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 10)

Screenshot (1681).png

What happens in this episode: Tohru’s human friend at the market broke his leg and she gets the job to replace him as the performer at a Christmas gathering (or something like that). Tohru gathers the dragon group (along with Saikawa and Shouta) to stage an improvised play of ‘The Little Match Girl’- which predictably bewilders Kobayashi, but soon enough she realizes the sincerity in the actors’ efforts and the unexpectedly positive reactions from the elderly audience to the dragon transformations and the magic lights.

My thoughts: This was another cute and enjoyable episode from the dragons and the color splashes during the play were nice to see. Kanna is as heart-melting and adorable as ever playing the ‘Macchi’-girl and Saikawa’s ahegao reactions are yet to lose its hilarity. I am getting tired of the boob bounces from Quetzalcoatl, though.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, I will complete my weekend backlog of anime and put out the next Anilog tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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