Anilog #23: Spring 2017 Impressions

Here’s a quick blog update before I start with my impressions:

I won’t be posting Anilog entries weekly for this season because it is exam season for me; and this thing stretched out unnecessarily throughout the month of May. So even if I post regularly in April, I am bound to be inconsistent in May. This exams are pretty important for me too because the grades will be carried forward to my final year in school.

So yeah, I won’t be posting regularly in May. I will get a ten-day gap in the middle of May so I think I could put up a mid season update or something but I guess only time will tell.

I feel pretty bad that I can’t review these airing anime weekly because so many interesting shows are airing this season. But not everything goes like I want it to. Anyway, here are the anime that I watched this first 9 days of Spring 2017.

My Hero Academia S2

(Episode 1)

Screenshot (1987).png

Tournament arc hype! Future Deku looks pretty cool, but he doesn’t seem much older than he is now. This was a nice set-up episode for the sports festival and Ochaco’s resolution is kind of unexpected but then again, her character design kind of a ‘genki’ girl’s. The opening sequence is solidly animated but Kenshi Yonezu’s voice doesn’t deliver sufficient oomph, but it isn’t anything major since he narrates the visual flow pretty consistently. The visual design of the show still looks solid, bold and colorful, and I have no complaints about the animation.

(Episode 2)

Screenshot (1983).png

Even though I am glad that the show didn’t have a training episode- its pacing remains a bit loose, or I am being too quick to judge. It is interesting that people outside the hero course are also aiming to snatch a seat from the hero class. The new character designs didn’t impress me neither did they stand out as being too bland. Todoroki’s sequence had decent animation, though.

Attack on Titan

(Episode 26)

Screenshot (1981).png

Not a bad start. I am impressed with the polished production: this season seems to have a more cinematic effects. Speaking of effects, that horse animation got to me- whenever the shot pans out to show horses running it just irks me- it is bad CG rendering- and I would have been okay with it if everyone didn’t ride horses for like half of the episode. Yeah, too bad ‘only second to Levi’ is gone: this episode was pretty slow for me.

The opening sequence put in a lot of things- but it didn’t flow well, and the song itself just sounded like an uninspired continuation of the first theme. But the ending sequence featured good illustrations and the anthem’s murkiness complemented the aesthetic of the anime.

(Episode 27)

Screenshot (1979).png

Sasha is one of my favorite characters because she is simple and sincere and she seems to be the most ‘straight man’ from the anime- she reacts most expressively and comically when things get messed up (especially this episode). The shading effects this episode were on point. More packed in content than the last episode.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1901).png

This anime didn’t really impress me. The character designs do not look good even in the ‘ecchi’ aspect: seriously, the girls’ uniform look comical more than anything. I don’t even think that this show has a good harem cast just from a few character conversations and the art. Basically, this show lacks visual appeal. The meta in this show falls flat and the comedic bits aren’t funny. I don’t know if I will continue watching this.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1976).png

I don’t know why I even bothered watching this. The character designs look too mellow, the color design doesn’t stand out and the animation isn’t that good. Boruto’s character writing doesn’t intrigue me at the slightest and it fails to persuade me to look forward to his character development. I don’t really care about the blue pupil eye thing; but the modernized design of the village looks pretty cool. The pacing is pretty loose, too. I don’t think I am going to watch this week by week, though I might binge on one cour in my summer vacation.

Sakura Quest (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1903).png

P.A. Works’ new work seems to have potential. For one, Sakura Quest has an interesting premise which seems slightly reminiscent of (one of my favorite anime) Hanasaku Iroha- where a city girl starts a life in the countryside.

The production aspects are decent, too. The animation looks pretty polished and so does the lighting and background art design. Background art from a P.A. Works show is almost always detailed and pleasant to look at. I don’t think this show will be drama heavy and be more slice-of-life, but either way I am hooked. Koharu is an entertaining character and I look forward to her future character expeditions in this anime.

Saekano Flat (Episode 0)

Screenshot (1911).png

This isn’t the first episode so this couldn’t really count as a first impression. It starts off with a shot sequence of boobs and bikinis. And then the girls go onto the meta side of things and comment on whether their anime is original or not and whether it deserves a second season. Yeah, really clever stuff. They even bashed on anime critiques for criticizing someone’s hard work- which I just shook my head to. And harem elements come into play throughout the episode, and it ended with hopeful lines from Katou and LN guy. Overall, this episode looked good (the CG props don’t stand out as much in my eyes anymore) but content-wise it was just saturated with just meta focused on harems and VNs- which I don’t really care for.

Armed Girls Machiavellianism (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1920).png

Now this is some weird premise and a weird harem set-up. This season seems to have a lot more harems than the last couple of seasons. The art doesn’t appeal to me much and the fights are decently animated. The character writing and script are pretty generic. So this anime isn’t on my high-priority watch list, but I might end up watching it anyway.

Sagrada Reset (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1974).png

This show has its atmosphere presented solidly, but its premise isn’t original. I don’t know whether the show has a solid mystery or sci-fi story to tell, but I will continue watching it because the visual design looks good and the main characters aren’t as edgy as I thought they would be (but they still are pretentious- and I don’t mind mild pretension- they are high-schoolers, I get them). I don’t have anything else to say about this anime right now except the mystery didn’t seem to have a good visual set-up, it depended too much on the script.

Love Tyrant (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1940).png

Boy-oh-boy, the amount of parody and meta in this anime. This episode was just filled to the brim with parodic elements and plot devices: some which some which are funny and some of which are not but the show also has a wackiness to its whole pacing of dialogue that adds to its intended comedic effect. I won’t be quick to say that this might be the comedy of the season- but it seems to have the potential to be. I think the premise is there for comedic purposes and the show does make fun of it being saturated with plot elements. Since I haven’t watched Future Diary I got my first exposure to the yandere character trait from this anime, so yeah… it is pretty freaky. The visuals also appealed to me- the color coded and white lined character designs and the vibrant and poppy lighting were pleasant. So, I will be watching this anime weekly, hoping that future episodes would be as entertaining as this one.

Tsuki ga Kirei (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1935).png

This is a really pleasant SoL. The art style is reminiscent of Hourou Musuko: water color-y and warm. The character interactions between the two main characters were pretty sweet; and the whole narration is quite soothing. I am going to continue watching this because the characters do not act outside their age, they seem pretty realistically portrayed and the anime is really panders to my relatability to the social awkwardness of the characters.

Clockwork Planet (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1942)This is the only show from this batch that I dropped immediately without any second thoughts after the first episode. I don’t like the character designs and the CG is horribly rendered- I got sick flashbacks to Hand Shakers’ gears after looking at all those CG bearings. The setting is too lore-heavy and generic; and what’s with that finger-fellatio scene? Even the sound design is just unnecessarily packed. I can’t think of one aspect of this firs episode that could persuade me to watch the second episode.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1954).png

Rage of Bahamut is back with its flashy and high-spec production aspects for a 24-episode second season: the lighting, the animation are all on point with some minor slips in the CG rendering- which didn’t always look bad. I love the new female character’s design- even her energetic character stands out from the general grim of the show; and her expressions are really adorable and cute (potential best girl of the season).

Screenshot (1951).png

Yeah, as long as MAPPA remains consistent with its production- this anime might end being one of the most entertaining shows from this season

Eromanga-sensei  (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1966).png

I think I know what this show might end up as… yeah, it is pretty messed up. But hey, the show has the excuse that they are not blood related, right? I think I am going to keep watching this because the art design is pleasant and I want to see the limit that a siscon show can get to (because I haven’t watched Oreimo).

Re: Creators (Episode 1)

Screenshot (1964).png

Your waifu got teleported to the real world? Wow, that is so original; I have never thought of this concept before!

Seriously though, the premise seems overly pandering and I am not into fantasy lore- so I am glad that the show didn’t delve into exposition in the first episode and instead showed off its cool animation with one of the better rendering of CG from this season. The character designs are appealing enough- but content wise, I am not really sold on this show. Then again, who knows, this might just be another entertaining Re: to Re: zero. I will be watching this week by week.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 13)

Screenshot (1917).png

Although this isn’t a Spring 2017 impression, I have covered this anime throughout the Winter season, so it deserves a final episode mini-review.

I was skeptical about the drama development in the preview, but this wasn’t as badly paced as I expected it to be. I think the show did a good job at portraying the change in Kobayashi’s character where she became more upfront with her feelings. Still, I can’t say it was laid out smoothly and certainly needed more time than one episode.

That’s all for today.

Late edit: I didn’t have enough time to put out the remaining impressions. My bad.


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